Gas Lines

Building Your Dream Home?

Building Your Dream Home?

Schedule a gas line installation service in San Jose, CA

If you're building your dream home, you may feel overwhelmed by all the work that goes into custom construction. But before you worry about the cosmetic details, pay special attention to your gas lines. The Plumbing Guys can help you avoid future issues with our gas line installation service, available in San Jose, CA.

We can also check for leaks as well as repair, replace or move existing lines. Our leak detection services are just $250, but we'll waive that fee if you use our repair services. If you need help moving a gas line or repairing a line, get a free estimate from our team today.

Update your home with gas-powered features

If you want to add a gas-powered appliance to your property, you'll likely need to install a new line. Use our gas line installation service if you want to install a gas:

  • Firepit in your backyard
  • Fireplace in your living room
  • Range in your kitchen

Do you already have a gas-powered appliance that you want to relocate? Contact us today to get help moving a gas line.